A comparative analysis of ghana and

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A comparative analysis of ghana and

Introduction The road transport sector plays a key role in A comparative analysis of ghana and socio-economic development of every economy. Not only does it facilitate the smooth transportation humans, goods and services from source s to respective destination sbut also serve as a huge source of employment which is a critical economic indicator to development.

The sector has been bedevilled with quite a number of goring tendencies through the occurrence of traffic accidents in Ghana. The spate increase in these forms of road traffic accidents has therefore become a worrying and growing concern to most Ghanaians in recent times.

This is as a result of the tremendous negative effects of road traffic accidents on human lives, properties and the environment. The National Road Safety Commission NRSC was therefore established by an Act of Parliament Act in with the mission of promoting best road safety practices for all categories of road users through the vision of making Ghana a country with the safest road transportation system in Africa.

Despite the existence of these powerful institutions and other regulatory bodies globally, statistics relating to road traffic accidents are very disheartening. WHOavailable statistics shows that at least 1. Furthermore, 1, lives are lost in Ghana annually through road crashes with 14, injuries from an average of 11, road traffic crashes; road traffic crashes cost the nation 1.

Road traffic crashes will contribute significantly to this rise. According to the report, road traffic injuries are expected to move from ninth place to take third place in the rank order of disease burden by the year In assessing the magnitude of the problem of road traffic crashes, according to WHO, 1.

On the average, in the industrialized countries, and also in many developing countries, one out of every ten hospital beds is occupied by a road traffic crash accident victim NRSC The WHO publication on "," reports that road traffic crashes are the major cause of severe injuries in most countries and the leading injury-related cause of death among people aged years.

Globally, the WHO reports that 38, people were injured through motor vehicle crashes in Out of the 5. To best of our knowledge, enough work has been done on road traffic accidents globally and as well as in Ghana, however, a comprehensive database about the menace especially regarding other variables which affect road traffic accidents such as the road network, educational or qualification status of drivers type of vehicles used and involved in traffic accidents, among others are currently not existence.

This paper therefore attempts to further explore available statistics through a continuation of the works of Boakye, A. The main objective of this paper was to explore the most parsimonious and robust linear model for the estimation and forecasting road traffic accidents statistically based on three quantitative variables namely the road traffic accidents, vehicular population and as well as the human population.

Type and Source of Data The type of data used in this research was purely quantitative obtained from secondary sources. The data specifically relates the set of observations on the three main variables that are being studied.

These are road traffic accidents, human population or simply population and vehicular population in Ghana covering a twenty 20 year period from towith road traffic accidents being the predictor or dependent variable whilst the remaining two being the explanatory or independent variables.

Fayconcluded that the key point of secondary data is that it should be relevant, accurate and available.

For this reason and purpose, the time series data relating to road traffic accidents, the population and vehicular population covering the period to were collected from National Road Safety Commission of Ghana for the analysis. Method of Data Analysis Exploratory data analysis, descriptive and inferential data analysis were performed.

The data was first explored through the use of graphical displays to help identify and analyse trends and patterns in the data. These included line graphs and frequency polygons. Where the two or more variables were looked at concurrently, scatter plots was used to establish the relationship between them.IMPACT OF MINING SECTOR INVESTMENT IN GHANA: A STUDY OF THE TARKWA MINING REGION (A DRAFT REPORT) PREPARED BY Thomas Akabzaa and Abdulai Darimani.

1 comparative analysis of anti-corruption legislation in the republic of ghana with the united nations convention against corruption and the african union convention on.

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A comparative analysis of ghana and

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Road traffic accidents of varying degrees that have occurred in Ghana both in the past and present have resulted in several road fatalities.

These has led to the loss of lives, property, broken homes, and as well as leaving behind shattered families and communities, among others despite the indispensable role the road transport sector .

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