Chain of command army essay accountability

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Chain of command army essay accountability

What Is Accountability in the Army By: DOD The obligation imposed by law or lawful order or regulation on an officer or other person for keeping accurate record of property, documents, or funds. The person having this obligation may or may not have actual possession of the property, documents, or funds.

Accountability is concerned primarily with records, while responsibility is concerned primarily with custody, care, and safekeeping. Why is accountability important to the Army? Accountability also includes the most important piece of equipment the soldier him or herself.

The Army spends a lot of money on equipment and belongings for the soldiers, so the Army expects to know where its equipment is.

chain of command army essay accountability

No matter what someone is always responsible for equipment in the Army. It goes to the highest officer to the lowest enlisted personal in the chain of command and back up again.

Accountability is used in many different ways, for example knowing if something is missing you could easy look at the accountability report to see if it was there before.

If someone stole something or a piece of equipment is lost then you could look at your accountability report to see what piece of equipment is missing from the inventory. A soldier must understand that no one will care about his or hers property as much as their leaders do.

The leaders that hold our sub-hand receipts will be a mixed bag: So as a soldier I should personally ensure that things are done right.

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Certainly, the change-of-command inventory is a critical part of property accountability. Assertions of responsibility can mean a number of different things.

We might mean that someone was responsible for bringing something about. To advance our understanding of responsible action we need to know who is responsible, and for what. As a practical question, it aims to identify the responsible party: Can only individuals be properly ascribed responsibilities, or can organizations also be held responsible?CENTER FOR ARMY LESSONS LEARNED DRILL SERGEANT HANDBOOK.

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60 pages; For Official Use Only; January ; Being a drill sergeant may be the most challenging and rewarding assignment a noncommissioned officer will ever experience during his military career. The Importance of Accountability is so my chain of command knows where everyone is so if they need a soldier for something they will know where to find them.

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