Discrimination around world

Gender Discrimination Around the World Posted on by Shannon Greenbaum Discrimination is a topic that I, before my most recent google search, had only associated with the workplace in the United States. When considering discrimination abroad, I feel that it is safe to say that Britain is the last place that I would think of as having a problem.

Discrimination around world

These issues, according to the UN, include laws discriminating against or not protecting women from a too-early age of marriage, nationality, divorce, obedience laws, marital rape, honor killings, polygyny, employment, education, sexual harassment, and female genital mutilation.

Family Law Issues In some nations, like Kenya, Zambia, and Malaysia, their constitutions prohibit discrimination, but they allow discrimination in the practice of customary law and personal law, which includes marriage, divorce, and custody of children.

And Uganda, unfortunately, still allows the existence of legislation and practice on polygamy, forced marriage, and bride price, which discriminate against women. While the average age of first marriage for American women is Census Bureau, and most states require people to be at least 18 years of age, across the globe there are wide disparities in the legal ages of females versus males.

In Guatemala, girls have to be only 14 years old as opposed to boys who can marry at In Japan, girls can marry at 16 and boys at While the general rule in Syria is that girls can marry at 17 and boys at 18, girls can receive permission to marry at 13 boys at 15if they have reached puberty.

These exemptions have led to girls marrying at 12 or younger, for example, in the Philippines or in Iran. A majority of early marriages, though, are in Africa. While cultural differences abound internationally, and definitions of adults do as well, it cannot be disputed that girls of these ages are too young to marry.

Early marriage keeps girls from further education and job opportunities, prevents girls from choosing their spouse and playing a more equalized role in their marriage, and can have negative health implications for them and the health and well-being of their family and children in the future.

So when you are educated your marital status will be equal to your partner. The lesson starts from home—to first get educated, so that somewhere down the road we can be independent.

The mother, if she can, has to fight to gain custody. In countries like the DRC, the father has paternal authority, and the mother is not permitted to have sole guardianship of her children. Hindu and Muslim law also see the father as the legal guardian of the child.

In countries like Malaysia which recognize parental rights by religion, these laws continue to discriminate against women and mothers. And paternal authority often carries over into other issues. Fox Rothschild Partner Richard Cohen describes the reasons behind the continued strength of obedience laws.

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Within marriage there are other issues, like nonconsensual sex or rape. The legal systems of Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Nigeria permit nonconsensual sex during marriage. Nepal only recently changed their laws on marital rape.Gender Discrimination Around the World Posted on March 26, by Shannon Greenbaum Discrimination is a topic that I, before my most recent google search, had only associated with the workplace in the United States.

Discrimination around world

Yemeni women are some of the least empowered women in the world. In Nepal if a woman is raped or assaulted the perpetrators are not punished, they aren't even arrested. These are all examples of extreme discrimination of women throughout the world but we can find more subtle examples of discrimination here in the United States.

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Discrimination is often the outcome of prejudice—a pre-formed negative judgment or attitude.

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Prejudice leads people to view certain individuals or groups as inferior. . What follows is a list of what various websites consider to be the most racist countries in the world. The list is in no order of more to less, given that various researchers and indexes have failed to agree. After researching various studies, the following nations have consistently shown up in the top.

world. They play a part in the economical, educational, entertainment, sports, and manymore aspects of which makes our society complete. Due to the existence of discrimination against these minorities, there are a lot of conflicts and difficulties which makes our contemporary society more complex to some extend.3/5(3).

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