Dissertation consumer behaviour recession

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Dissertation consumer behaviour recession

The recent economic downturn which commenced in has hit UK in a huge way. The recent recession is described as the worst recession to have hit the country since the Second World War, with GDP declining up to 3. The credit crunch has undoubtedly has had a significant impact on consumer trends and behaviour.

With many households facing unemployment, there has been a major cut back in consumer spending.

Dissertation consumer behaviour recession

The areas where consumers were found to cut back on spending are personal durables e. Alongside alterations have also been found in consumer preferences and purchase behaviour. Numerous studies have found that consumer behaviour during the recession is characterised by an increased sensitivity to price, marking a shift to lower cost products.

Studies have also found that there is an increased focus on quality during the recession period, implying that consumers are increasingly looking for products that are of good quality, yet affordable. With retailers facing increasing cost of production during the economic downturn, to make a profit it is necessary for retailer to push the increase in prices to customers.

This may prove to be an even greater challenge for ethical goods producers. The credit crunch is bound to pose the biggest challenges ever for ethical consumerism.

In this context, it is highly relevant to study the impact of the recession on ethical consumer behaviour. This research will focus on evaluating the impact of recession on ethical consumer behaviour in the food sector.

Specifically, the study will focus on ethical retailers in the food industry in the UK. Gaining a good understanding of how consumers are responding to the prolonged economic downturn in regard to ethical purchase behaviour is crucial in leading both ethical and non ethical companies in making changes to their fundamental business model in order to ensure success.

Although there are signs that the economy is improving, which might question the relevance of this research, it is important to note that changes in consumer behaviour caused by a recession are likely to remain for a long period. So whilst economists may signal that the recession has ended and recovery has begun, consumers are unlikely to reflect this in their buying behaviour immediately.

Research Aims The aim of this research is to evaluate the impact of the recent recession on the buying behaviour of ethical consumers. How does the economic downturn impact ethical consumer behaviour?

This question in turn provokes us to find answers to other significant questions such as: What challenges does the recent recession present to consumers wishing to consume sustainably and ethically?

Does price factor outweigh ethical values during the recession?

Dissertation Consumer Behaviour Recession

What challenges does the recent recession present to marketers in the food industry to produce sustainable and ethical goods? The primary objective of this research is to evaluate the impact of the economic downturn on the purchasing behaviour of ethical consumers.

Other key objectives include — 1. To evaluate the impact of the economic downturn on marketers of ethical goods 2. To explore ways in which ethical retailers can engage consumers with social responsibility attitudes and retain their loyalty during and after the recession 5.

Literature Review The Ethical Consumer Researcher Association ECRA describe ethical consumerism in its truest sense as purchasing goods or services which do not harmful to the environment and society, and are made without harming the environment or exploiting workers.

Consumers can express their ethical values and feelings of responsibility towards society by either buying products for their positive ethical qualities e.

Ethical consumerism has been a growing trend globally and particularly in the UK. The ethical market in the UK was worth The growth in ethical consumerism during the last decade has been in the — periods and primarily in the food and finance sectors.

The report further highlights that there is a significant rise in Britons holding socially responsible attitudes and this growth has not been affected by the recession.

However, Carrigan et al caution that this picture is not very encouraging as firstly reality is far from how it is pictured, describing it as the Carrigan et al note that even though the idea of ethical consumerism is better understood by customers today and they hold more socially responsible attitudes, it does not necessarily mean that these attitudes are translated into ethical purchases.

The findings of some researches suggest that except among a minority of consumers, ethical values and principles hold third stand in purchase decisions, with factors such as price and quality holding the greatest priority.Dissertation Economic Recession and Customer Loyalty to Banks Abstract The purpose of the research is to find out the impact of economic recession on customer loyalty to banks in the UK.

This aim has been reached using methods of statistical analysis and through investigation of primary and secondary data.

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Dissertation The Impact of Economic Impact of Economic Recession on Customer Loyalty Table 11 Impact of Economic Recession on Consumer Behaviour. An impact the recession can have on consumer behaviour is the 'Lipstick Effect'.

Dissertation consumer behaviour recession

When times are hard within an economy a consumer will stop spending money on . The Consumer behaviour The financial crisis is having a major effect on economic and social aspects of the UK, the dissertation focuses on the consumer buying leslutinsduphoenix.com about money Dissertation Consumer Behaviour Recession homework help weighted averages my mom essayAs this dissertation is particularly assessing the impacts of.

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consumer buying behavior. The synthesis of this literature should help set the foundation for developing or adding to an existing model to describe the effects of an economic recession on the consumer decision making process and buying behavior in the consumer electronics market.

Consumer Behavior Models Consumer behavior accounts for all actions and decisions made by humans when they purchase and .

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