Jonathan hensleigh re write a sentence

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Jonathan hensleigh re write a sentence

With his adaptation of Marvel's homegrown antihero The Punisherscreenwriter Jonathan Hensleigh makes his directorial debut. As a writer, Hensleigh's credits include Die Hard: How many years of being a writer in Hollywood did it take you to decide that what you really wanted to do was direct?

Yeah, I mean, that's what I really wanted to do. I wasn't really happy, at least recently, with the directorial effort of a lot of the screenplays that I wrote.

I just thought that, if I was going to put my whole life into a screenplay, then I was going to want to see it to the screen.

jonathan hensleigh re write a sentence

How do you, as a writer, view the adaptation process necessary for you as a director? No, it was easier for me. And everyone kept urging me to direct. When you say that you approach a script from a directorial point of view, how do you define that? In other words, I was probably a little bit more heavy-handed in building an action sequence, in describing cut by cut, visual by visual, what the sequence should look like.

And a lot of directors really like that, because they could board the sequence very easily. But I was also taking part in the storyboard process as well. How much is that level of involvement a function of the collaborators you had on those projects?


Oh, I was never told to go away. Every single project, I was on the set and integrally involved. I was on the set every day. How much protection does that position afford you as a writer?

I mean, those pictures I was brought in by Disney to rewrite the script and then to executive produce and work with the director, and Jerry Bruckheimer. I was sort of his point person on the set.

Again, everybody in town has expected me to do this for several years now. Was there a reticence on your part, or no opportunity was presenting itself? Everything I brought to the studios, they didn't like, and everything the studios offered me, I didn't like. Or they've been told that that's the ultimate power in Hollywood, so they think that's where their career should naturally go.

And I just don't see it that way, and I didn't want to make a bad film.

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That I felt was compromised from the incipience, you know? So I just waited. And I'm very glad I did. I dodged a lot of bullets, I think.Jonathan Blair Hensleigh: Height: 6' 3" ( m) He re-wrote the whole script for The Rock () without credit, which he tried desperately to achieve via WGA arbitration.

He did uncredited re-writes on Con Air () and the remake of Gone in Sixty Seconds () . Con Air is a highly entertaining action film starring Nicolas Cage in the main role of Cameron Poe. Poe, a recently returned stateside Army Ranger, is ready to make up for lost time withe his wife and soon to be born baby girl.


A sentence is what you hold in your head, whether it be Ernest Hemingway or Marcel Proust. A sentence is where you make sense of the world. A sentence is where you make sense of the world. Jonathan Blair Hensleigh (born February ) is an American screenwriter and film director, working primarily in the action-adventure genre, best known for writing films such as Jumanji, Die Hard with a Vengeance, and Armageddon, as well as making his own directorial debut with the comic book action film The Gale Anne Hurd (m.

). The rule is that the credited writing team must contribute 50% of the final script (effectively limiting credits to the screenplay's initial authors, plus one re-write team).

jonathan hensleigh re write a sentence

Despite their work on the script, neither Hensleigh nor Aaron Sorkin was credited in the film. Mar 05,  · HENSLEIGH: Everything that I have credit on, I saw through all the way.

I've rewritten a couple of things where I've moved on. I've rewritten a couple of things where I've moved on.

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