Mp3 a boundary or a bridge essay

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Mp3 a boundary or a bridge essay

It is based on interviews with former and present panmen and pan women in Trinidad and Tobago and also draws on government documents, newspapers, and personal observations during some sixteen months of fieldwork in Trinidad between and Music as a social phenomenon has been of interest to scholars for some time and has given rise to numerous books and scholarly articles and to several scholarly journals for example, The Sociology of Music, Ethnomusicology and The Black Perspective in Music.

Max Weber has noted that some of the forces shaping music have social origins and that musical instruments themselves are socially ranked Martindale etal. He has also called attention to the conflict inherent in the social organization of music Contents or portions of this video cannot be rebroadcast, changed or manipulated in any way without the expressed permission of the author.

A British Colony for years and a Spanish one for years before that, it has been independent since Some Hindi and some French patois are spoken.

Historically, there has been considerable social and cultural influence from French, Portuguese, Indian from India, called East Indians in TrinidadChinese, Lebanese, Venezuelan, other Caribbean, and North American people, institutions, and ideas.

Mixed and white people are generally believed to have a disproportionate share of the wealth, power, and social status, although there are many high-ranking civil servants, professionals, elected and appointed government officials who are East Indian or Afro-Trinidadian.

At first the drums were simple biscuit tins, pitch-oil tins, dustbins or their covers, without tuned pitches. Gradually, through experimentation and refinement, pitches were added by pounding in and out on the top surface of the drums, and drums of varying depths were created to produce different ranges.

Today steeldrums are quite amazing and versatile musical instruments. The small tenor pans may have up to 32 different pitches. Pans are played with rubber-tipped sticks and are tuned either by ear, with a tuning fork, or with an electronic tuning device.

Mp3 a boundary or a bridge essay

The small number of skilled tuners and panmakers command considerable respect and earn high incomes. Making and tuning steeldrums requires considerable knowledge, experience, patience, and a good ear.

The proper raw material must be carefully chosen, the top hammered down to a precise depth, notes carefully marked in, sometimes with calipers, the drum cut down to the correct size and tuned, and the metal tempered by throwing water or oil over the drum while it is in a fire.

Mp3 a boundary or a bridge essay

The number and position of the notes on the drums vary from tuner to tuner, and the pitches on some of the drums are not arranged in chromatic order, which facilitates striking the notes with the rubber-tipped sticks. Unlike the piano or guitar, steeldrums are tuned from high to low pitches.

There is wide variation in the types and combinations of steeldrums used in a given ensemble, depending on the occasion and the personal preferences of the band leaders and arrangers. Following are the basic types of drums and their voice parts: The tenor pan, also known as the melody pan or the ping-pong, approximates the soprano voice and plays the melody.

It has from 28 to 32 pitches and is about six inches in depth. The double tenor is a set of two tenor drums, which play harmony and counterpoint and are about one-half inch longer than the single tenor.

The second pan is in the alto voice range and about eight inches in depth. Double seconds play harmony, in a set of two drums, providing the upper register of chords. The guitar pan plays rhythm and has about sixteen pitches.Dissertation sur les passions hume flammarion miles pudge halter essay writing qualitative and quantitative methods in research on essay writing palinopsia revamped a systematic review of the literature for a dissertation coffeecup html editor comparison essay effektivzins berechnen beispiel essay save trees save earth Essay und diskurs mp3.

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Thus Have We Made the World from Hoping Against Cuneiform Records is an independent record label releasing adventurous, boundary-bursting music by artists from around the world. Founded in Nawa Recordings Wants To Bridge A Gap Between The Arabic and Western World.

Mike Rose's Lives on the Boundary is an Educational Autobiography. The book begins at the beginning of his life and we follow him up into his adult years. The book focuses on the "struggles and achievements of America's educationally underprepared". Introduction The focus of this paper is the class, color, and race components in the struggle to create a people’s music — a music originally and essentially of the economically disadvantaged and less formally educated citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, primarily those of African descent.

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