The geography economy and society of brazil a latin american country

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The geography economy and society of brazil a latin american country

The federal government of the United States is set up by the Constitution. There are three branches. They are the executive branchthe legislative branchand the judicial branch. State governments and the federal government work in very similar ways.

Each state has its own executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The executive branch of a state government is led by a governorinstead of a president.

Executive branch[ change change source ] The executive branch is the part of the government that enforces the law. Members of the U.

Electoral College elect a president who is the leader of the executive branch, as well as the leader of the armed forces. The president may veto a bill that the Congress has passed, so it does not become a law.

The President may also make "executive orders" to ensure that people follow the law. The president is in charge of many departments that control much of the day-to-day actions of government. For example, Department of Commerce makes rules about trade. The president chooses the heads of these departments, and also nominates federal judges.

However, the Senatepart of the legislative branch, must agree with all of the people the president chooses. The president may serve two 4-year terms.

The legislative branch is called the United States Congress. Congress is divided into two "houses". One house is the House of Representatives. The Representatives are each elected by voters from a set area within a state.

The number of Representatives a state has is based on how many people live there. Representatives serve two-year terms.Most Latin American countries currently have multiparty systems in which any party has an opportunity to gain control of the government either individually or through a coalition with another party.

The transfer of power takes place through elections.

The geography economy and society of brazil a latin american country

While military and dictatorial regimes were. It provides case studies of the link between poverty and the environment in seven Latin American countries.

If you are interested in these topics, request the book from the library. Viva Brazil! is a great gateway site for the country of Brazil. Figure 2.

Latin American Immigrants in Brazil, Note: Country of origin totals are based on official statistics of the foreign born or the foreign population.

Brazil has a long coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and is bound by most of South American countries with the exception of Chile and Ecuador. The economy of Brazil can be described as an inward-oriented economy. The country’s economy suffered a major setback in and entered a .

Start studying Geography Practice Test Ch 3,4,5. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. What economic activity brings in much needed income to Native Americans while challenging their traditional lifeways?

What Latin American country holds the world's largest reserves of lithium, a metal used to.

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South America: Resources Environment and Economy. Twitter; Facebook; Google+; which supplied 90 percent of Paraguay’s energy and 19 percent of Brazil’s. In , the American Society of Civil Engineers elected the Itaipu Dam as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

value of the goods and services produced by a single country.

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