The importance of arts in school essay

If inclusion is the goal for students with disabilities, as has been described in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, then art classes should be a high priority. The arts can level the playing field, because children with difficulties in academic subjects might excel at drawing, painting, acting or dancing and singing.

The importance of arts in school essay

It will focus on the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language, and spiritual development that children experience have through the arts. Finally, it will describe effective ways for teachers to support the artistic expression of children in early childhood education.

Through the arts children express their feelings and understandings. Furthermore, Schirrmacher states that learning happens with and through the arts.

Through the arts, children can express their ideas, using oral language or visual symbols. The arts support children to feel good about themselves as individuals.

Children develop the ability to observe and respond sensitively, and they build up skills and creativity in art, music, and movement. Furthermore, through the arts, children construct understanding and communicate what they know Feeney et al.

The Benefits of Music Education

The arts are a basic component in early childhood education. The arts are recognised as both a fundamental and distinctive way of knowing. Art, music, and creative movement help children to identify and express their feelings and ideas in different and new forms.

Most creative activities, such as painting, finger painting, collage, clay, and playdough, help with the physical development of children. In these activities, children will be stretching their arms and moving their hands, legs and sometimes their whole body.

Children develop the ability to hold a pencil or crayon between the thumb and first finger.

Dancing Captivates People Everywhere!

Exercising the muscles of the hand is as essential as exercising the larger muscles in running and jumping Somerset, Furthermore, all the manipulative movements involved in the arts help develop the hand and finger muscles that are needed to properly hold and use a pencil Schirrmacher, When children move to music, the whole body is responding to a feeling.

In their dance, children experiment freely and happily. Some children will use their whole body to make music Somerset, For example, when children are easel painting, they use their entire arms and upper torsos in making large, sweeping motions with paintbrushes; children will develop hand eye coordination and small motor skills later required for writing.

Through the arts children have the opportunity to work with other children in small groups The arts help children to learn about themselves and others.

The importance of arts in school essay

Through the arts, children validate their uniqueness by making a personal statement. Moreover, the arts help children to become comfortable with themselves, learning what they like and dislike and what they can and cannot do Schirrmacher, For example, when children are at the collage table or playdough table, they might share their ideas and the creative skills with other children, with words and actions.

Children learn to share, take turns, affirm themselves and begin to empathise with others. Through the arts children express and share with others the happiness and the love or sadness that surrounds them.

The arts provide the opportunity for children to work out their feelings. The arts can give children a feeling of empowerment.Below is an essay I wrote in response to concerns in my school about the adding of Drama classes to the regular schedule.

(You will probably feel that I've over-stressed the cross-curricular importance of Drama and under-stressed its intrinsic value as Art.

Partnerships between schools and the professional arts sector have been found to play an important role in deepening students' engagement with learning (Lemon & Garvis, in press).

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