The runners choice pavement or off the road

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The runners choice pavement or off the road

They're a real step up from most fitness trackerswhich tend to be more about tracking steps walked and hours slept, neither of which are going to exactly push you to Olympian heights.

All of these watches pack GPS, for accurate tracking of your run distance and speed, and all either have heart-rate monitors built in although do have a read of the T3 take on wrist heart-rate trackingor allow you to pair an external one.

They're all also suitable, to varying degrees, for tracking your prowess in the gym, using the heart rate monitoring to help estimate how many calories you've shed if you're looking to monitor or lose weight. Most are also useful as wrist-mounted bike computers, and for hiking and general working out.

On Black Friday last year, running watches from brands including Garmin and Fitbit saw some some discounts, so you can expect to see some good Black Friday deals on running watches this year.

When is Black Friday ? It's on Friday 23 November. We check the prices from thousands of retailers every day and below you'll find the best prices for the best running watches. You'll also find more running watch deals on our dedicated best fitness tracker and running watch deals for Black Friday article.

Saving money AND getting fit? That's got to be a good way to end the year. Best running headphones for music on your run What is the best running watch?

Our favourite running watch at present is the Garmin Forerunner This is a watch that's versatile enough for runners of all abilities, and powerful enough to satisfy stat-hungry semi-pros.

It is a tad pricey. The does NOT include a built-in pulse reader. That's actually another reason it's our 1: Garmin makes more running watches than anyone else and, in our opinion, the best of them are the finest running watches you can buy.

The Forerunner is the best of all, but could be considered over-specced and over-priced for most people's needs. How to buy a running watch Although you could use your phone's GPS and apps such as Strava and Endomondo to track miles run, there's a real benefit to having your real-time stats where you can keep an eye them during your run, which is where watches come in.

The ability to track your pulse, 'live', is another huge plus. Probably the best advice when shopping for a fitness watch is to buy one that's a bit more advanced than you currently need it to be. If you've literally just hauled yourself off the couch for the first time in a decade, you might well think you'd rather not know your heart-rate, but in nine months' time, and several stone lighter, you may feel very differently.

Likewise, if you've been running for a while, you may be heading towards that point where you'll want to know more about your cadence or lactate threshold. If you're only going to use your watch in the gym, you may be able to get by with just heart-rate tracking and the ability to time intervals.

More casual pedal pushers can make do with GPS and the ability to track time, speed and distance. Using a smartwatch as a dedicated running watch is still not as satisfying as it should be. Fitbit's Ionic is an excellent fitness watch but its smartwatch credentials are limited so far by a lack of apps and an unnecessarily fiddly contactless payment system.

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However, it has much shorter battery life than the dedicated running watches here — no more than a day if you're using it for running, really. Almost all of these watches sync with a mobile app and online tracking tools on desktop.

The runners choice pavement or off the road

These let you dig deeper into the details, create and download pre-planned coaching lessons and set up goal-specific training plans to help you achieve your running and fitness goals. Certain of Garmin's seemingly endless stream of Fenix variants can set you back over a grand, if you're feeling flash.

Wrist heart rate tracking: This involves bouncing light off of your veins to detect the rate at which blood is pulsing through them. This is perfectly sound science, but a slightly controversial area when it comes to fitness.

Here is T3's advice on it; you can read reams more about the matter online. When it works, a good, wrist-mounted heart-rate tracker is sufficiently accurate for most users.UKA_ RACE IS FULL "Collect race number and chip on the day." Note that this race is on Tue race was full by Nov 29th and the race was full by Nov 23rd.

Best running watch for runners, gym, cycling, triathlon and general fitness The best GPS running watches with all the metrics you need to both run like a .

Details (e.g., entry forms and results) of running races (e.g., 5K, 10K, 10M, half marathon), both road races and multi-terrain, near North East England: Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County.

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Road running shoes. When it comes to daily road running, working out or training for marathons, the best tool that you can use to help you reach your goal is a reliable pair of road running can run on any shoe you want, but road running shoes were designed specifically to meet the different needs of runners as they go over the pavement, track or other even surfaces. Race Calendar