Thesis statement of capitalism a love story

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Thesis statement of capitalism a love story

Certainly, after the economic meltdown he no longer seems just a harmless jester. Unfortunately, he now looks instead more like an exploitative pest, doing his bit to perpetuate the woes on which he feeds. If we were ever in love with capitalism, we aren't any longer.

Media Realism: Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story"

These days we're all well aware that it's destroying jobs, snatching homes and enriching a tiny few at the expense of the hard-pressed many.

It's not news any more to see the victims of this process describing their plight to the caring fat man. If it was ever funny to turn up at a corporate HQ and pester the security guys for an unscheduled interview with the boss, the joke has long worn off.

Arriving at a bank with a bag and demanding the return of taxpayers' cash isn't much more rib-tickling.

Thesis statement of capitalism a love story

What we want to know now is what's to be done. A Love Story seems clear enough. Capitalism, Moore tells us, can't be regulated: The reason seems to be this.

Politicians whose job it is to control the system conspire with financial fat cats to make it further enrich the privileged instead. Thus the bailout of the banks wasn't a desperate attempt to rescue the world economy, but a plot against the people. Moore acknowledges that things might have been different.

Apparently, if FDR hadn't died, every American would now enjoy an inalienable right to an affordable home, a decent wage, a paid vacation, a comfortable pension, a Winnebago and a Super Bowl ticket.

Obama gets lauded, but it's not clear why. Since he's failed to deliver the above, we must surely assume that he's just like all the rest. So what's that replacement for capitalism actually going to be? In its wisdom, humanity has come up with a reasonable supply of possible alternatives. Hunter-gathering, subsistence farming, feudalism, communism, fascism and the rest all have their merits, but our mentor seems loth to plump for any one of these.

In fact, at this point things get hazy. Moore finds guidance in Catholicism, shows us a feisty factory sit-in and takes us to a beatific workers' co-operative. So perhaps what we're all meant to do is to take holy communion, then find ourselves a failing outfit to occupy or an employer who wants to give the workers his business.

Beyond that, all Moore has to offer is "democracy". This seems an even less helpful suggestion. After all, the United States has already enjoyed this method of government for longer than most other places. Anyway, it's a political process, not an economic system.

So a satisfactory replacement for that wicked pecuniary regime remains elusive. Still, you can see why Moore might have faltered.

After all, even in the face of capitalism's current crisis, no one else seems to have much to propose by way of an alternative. We can only assume that people continue to believe that incentivising the pursuit of profit will serve them better than anything else available, in spite of the disruption and inequality that it's bound to bring in its wake.

Like it or not, the western world seems fated to remain inseparably wedded to capitalism. It may now be a loveless relationship, but we daren't contemplate divorce. Nonetheless, the terms of the arrangement require urgent revision. That will require not infantile bombast, but sober negotiation.

The real task confronting us is not to replace capitalism but to make it work properly. It's not such a glamorous undertaking, but it's one that will call on the ceaseless attention of the citizenry if it's not to be blown off course.Ana Sayfa / Genel / Capitalism a love story summary essay on once more to the lake.

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Bademli kurabiye thesis statement illustrative essay three major perspectives in sociology essay emerson aphorism essay wetland landscape characterization essay good. Capitalism: A Love Story examines the impact of corporate dominance on the everyday lives of Americans (and by default, the rest of the world).

The film moves from Middle America, to the halls of power in Washington, to the global financial epicenter in . Essay About Capitalism A Love Story essay about capitalism a love story Capitalism: A Love Story write a summary and analyzation of this film: Capitalism- A love Story ().

Capitalism: A Love Story absurdly advocates the “elimination” of the profit system at the same time as it praises one of the parties, and that . Evidence to help his skills (or acceptance theres rich only one).

Socialism A Capitalism a love story thesis Brainstorming is a Mentality documentary film expanding, written by, and more Christ Moore. Most importantly, a good thesis statement makes a statement.

After all, it’s called a thesis statement for a reason! “This is an interesting statement!” you want your reader to think.

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