Travel writing article tips

Or just a trip back home? Our travels are made up of great stories—ones filled with drama, cultural misunderstandings and frustration, as well as serendipity, joy and transcendence.

Travel writing article tips

Part two in this week’s three-part series: Beginnings, Middles, and Endings

As one journey woman to another, she shares her travelwriting know-how Before you go on your adventure, pick your angle.

You, as the travelwriter, must think of a unique way to present "Paris" to your readers. It is this special angle that will be necessary to grab the interest of a travel editor. Know who you are! Are you a woman travelling alone through China? Then that may be your angle, your expertise. Perhaps you are a woman physician travelling alone through China.

Suddenly more markets open up. Are you a culinary expert who loves the tastes of the countries you visit? Lots of newspapers have food sections and there are many magazines dedicated to scrumptious stories from around the globe.

Editors are very busy people. The easier you can make their job the more chance you have of being published. Before sending a query to anyone, be sure to read their writers guidelines. You can write or call the publication for these guidelines. Once you have read through the guidelines be sure to read some back-issues of the publication to get a feel for their style.

Each publication will handle the query process in their own way. In general, magazines like to have clippings of any stories you may have published as well as the story angle you are proposing.

Again, the easier it is for the editor, the more chances you have of getting a response. Editors need to have confidence in you and that needs to radiate off the page since it may be the first time they have heard from you.

Writing what you know makes you the expert. Your own backyard is interesting to someone, somewhere. And who better to write about Banff National Park than someone who lives and works there.10 Terrific Travel Writing Tips L ori Beattie is the director of Artistic Adventures a company dedicated to teaching the art of documenting travel.

As one journey woman to another, she shares her travelwriting know-how. An important part of travel writing is coming up with an introduction that creates a compelling bridge to the place you're writing about.

travel writing article tips

If a reader isn't gripped by your introduction and keen to. Always wanted to be a travel writer? Well you’re in luck. Last year we ran our travel writing competition and the winner, Steph Dyson, has become one of our regular year, we’re opening it up again to seek out the best untapped travel writing talent.

Writing about your initial impressions of a place and how it met or didn’t meet your expectations will make for a much richer travel story. 4. Tell a small story.

travel writing article tips

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If you fancy entering this year's travel writing competition – or just want to improve your work – check out these handy tips from the Guardian Travel team Writing courses to inspire you, from.

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